Happy Fall,
                         it's coming!
Roudy, Mike and Papa
San Angelo, TX
**1st Place**
I think he's really proud of
himself, we are too!
Well the 2008 Race Season has officially begun!

3 Friends Racing

So far the race season has been a success for

STORM Series- Roudy has all 1st Place Wins! He
is 1st Place for the Series overall!
Mike - is running 4th for the series since he had
to miss a few after he broke his hand and had

TORCS Series- Roudy is in 2nd Place for the
season so far!
Mike - has 6th tied up right now, again had to
miss some races due the broken hand!

If you click on Calendar I have posted the
schedule. On the bottom of this page is also a
link to the Storm Website with all information,
flyers, etc!
School and Work Stuff:
I will try to keep this updated at least weekly so all families can
see what we are up. I know we are the worst about calling and
keeping in touch so maybe this will help. I'm calling it equal
opportunity family communications. That way everyone get the
same info.
Mike: Engineering Manager for Southern Region, Fibertower Corporation
in the Houston, TX location. I have been trying to get Mike to go back to
school and get his CPA, that is what he wanted to do, but work always
seems to creep up.

Lisa: Engineer, Iwatsu Voice Networks, Irving, TX Location, Offices from
Home. I think I am going to go back to school.

Ashley: She is a sophomore this year, she is doing great in school! Ashley
is turning into quite the young lady, we couldn't be more proud!!

Roudy: Having a Great 5th Grade year!! He is a motocross monster taking
the world by S.T.O.R.M.!
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